Wood pulp from eucalyptus, oak, birch


Cellulose (Plant)




USA, Europe, China 


Tencel™ is the branded version of Lyocell™. It is often considered the most sustainable way to produce regenerated cellulose fabrics as it focuses on closed-loop production and uses less resource-intensive processes. It is created by responsibly dissolving wood pulp from sustainable plantations by the Austrian company Lenzing AG.  The chemicals used to produce the fibre are also managed in a closed-loop system. This means the chemicals or solvents are recycled which reduces hazardous waste entering our waterways. Tencel™ is 50% more absorbent than cotton. It is water-wicking, anti-bacterial, breathable and soft, and requires less energy to produce than most fibres.

Modal, also made by Lenzing™ is a close relative of Tencel™ with similar processes and an equally low ecological impact. Modal fabrics are generally lighter in weight and drape and even softer to touch. 

These regenerated cellulose fabrics fall under the umbrella of rayon fibres/fabrics, but not all rayon is made sustainably. We only source our regenerated cellulose fabrics from those that Lenzing™ produce via third parties to ensure high ethical standards. 

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