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Wood-pulp from fast growing and regenerative trees such as beech, pine, eucalyptus, bamboo, soy and sugar cane. 


Cellulose (Plant)




USA, Europe, China


Conventional viscose is a semi-synthetic fibre made from the cellulose content of trees derived from endangered forests. Deforestation removes vital oxygen from the atmosphere, resulting in disproportionate levels of carbon dioxide which is directly linked to climate change. Deforestation also endangers the natural habitat of our plants and animals.

Essentially Eco-Vero™ is a sustainable alternative produced by Lenzing™ - leading manufacturers of sustainable rayon fibres including Tencel™. It is sourced from certified and sustainably planted forests. The conservation efforts of these forests focus on mitigating climate change through ongoing reforestation.

EcoVero™ is processed in a closed-loop system ensuring chemicals that are used to produce the fibre filaments are reused time and time again and do not pollute our waterways. 

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