White reclaimed / recycled 100% cashmere mending yarn. 10m wound horizontally onto bespoke laser cut and branded ply. Approximately 2/28nm. perfect weight for visible and invisible mending, darning and Swiss darning knitwear repairs. Made by Second Cashmere at Bawn Glasgow

SCY1 White Cashmere Mending Yarn

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A zero-waste luxury mending solution.

This reclaimed cashmere yarn is unravelled by hand and is sourced from pure cashmere garments that can’t be refurbished and brought back to life. 

This cashmere yarn is a nod to the different ways our wardrobes can become zero waste and how with a bit of innovative thinking, we can transform textile waste into a valuable and creative resource.

COLOUR            White

LENGTH             10m

GUAGE               2/28nm, 2-ply yarn

FIBRE                 100% Cashmere


As these yarns have been unravelled from industrially knitted cashmere garments, they may be a little more fragile than yarns that have not been professionally finished. With this in mind, be sure to be a little more gentle with them when you use them. The colour of each yarn may be slightly different from the image and batch to batch but the company do their best to have yarn colours as consistent as possible.