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ABOUT 'Sustainable' and 'ethical' fashion have a problem: they've become marketing buzzwords rather than meaningful commitments for a better fashion industry. In the midst of a global environmental crisis interwoven with serious ethical conundrums, it's time for fashion to look more holistically at both its problems and its solution. A manifesto for a total ethics fashion system, this book is for those who work in fashion, who love fashion, who love the planet and all those on it, or who simply get dressed everyday.  

Exploring how the fashion industry is set up today, Collective Fashion Justice's founding director Emma Hakansson offers a path forward. Looking back at what we've lost from fashion – as the industry's race to the bottom consumes the creativity and culture of clothing – and forward to the future of it, this book is all at once hard hitting, contemplative and hopeful

AUTHOR Emma Hakansson with Collective Fashion Justice 

FORM Paperback, 112 Pages.