GO/SS Sundew

GO/SS Sundew

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(GO/SS = Garthenor Organic Snowdonia Sock for our scanning system only) 


High twist, worsted spun Romney and Hebridean make up Snowdonia Sock. Designed from day one as a durable, straightforward base, we're able to achieve the stunning undyed gradient simply by mill-blending the buttery smooth tops.

Everything about Snowdonia Sock is deliberate: the fibre is chosen for it's strong, smooth characteristics, the twist has been carefully measured to keep the gorgeous integrity of these two breeds whilst achieving the necessary long-lasting ruggedness of a good, honest sock yarn.

FIBER        100% Organic British Romney and Hebridean Wool 

LENGTH    200m

WEIGHT     50g / 4ply Fingering / Sock yarn

NEEDLES   2 - 2.75mm

GUAGE      34 sts approx. 

CARE         Hand wash cool and lay flat to dry


Colours may be different batch to batch and display slightly differently in person depending on the hue of individual computer/phone screens.