Tauko Magazine Issue 7: The Art of Dressing

Tauko Magazine Issue 7: The Art of Dressing

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TAUKO Magazine is a pioneering independent print publication for home sewists around the world. The vast horizon of crafts, culture and climate is featured in sewing patterns, interviews, columns, articles, tips and recommendations by international contributors.


Throughout the ages, artists have used their clothing to stand up for political, environmental, or cultural ideals. Clothing is like a language, a form of expression that is powerful and full of meaning. In this issue we are diving into the art of dressing inspired by our favourite artists. As a sewist, you are holding the magic wand in your hands, and clothing and dressing can be turned into a new creative art form! The garments featured in TAUKO Magazine No. 7 “The Art of Dressing” invite you to play with different roles, find new ways to express yourself and turn dressing into poetry!

All patterns come in 9 sizes from bust width 31” / 78cm to 57.5” / 146cm


Dressing outside of Fashion: Artists and clothes | Words by Victoria Rose Pass | Paintings by Rauha Mäkilä photographed by Jussi Tiainen.

The Reluctant Artist | Interview with Jill Denton | Drawings by Jill Denton, Photography by Ines De Nil.

Deconstructed Couture | Words by Julie Bourgeois, Photography by Valquire Veljkovic & Julie Bourgeois.

Craft Letters: My Favourite Sewing Tools | Words & photography by Atia Azmi Clothing and Identity Words & photography by Vida Vazquez.

Book Reviews


Paperback; 128-page collectable that measures in at 275mm high x 215mm wide. There are four folded paper pattern sheets included with the magazine. It is printed in Estonia with a glue and stitch binding to secure durability and easy reading.


Abby Huston, Julie Bourgeois, Mila Moisio, Johanna Morris, Vanessa Hansen, Sadie Egan, Kaisa Rissanen, Aims Watts, Susanna Smailova, Sasha Huber.