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RAW FIBRE        

Cork-Oak Bark


Cellulose (Plant)


Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, France


Cork comes from the bark of the Cork-Oak tree. Its production is considered sustainable and renewable mainly because the tree does not need to be felled to harvest the bark. Stripping the tree of its cork bark layer does not damage the tree and continues to live and grow at a healthy rate. A cork oak tree must be at least 25 years old before its first cork harvest and every nine years thereafter throughout its 200-300 year life span. The practice of harvesting cork assists in the absorption of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and is believed to absorb 2-5 times more carbon dioxide than unharvested trees.

Cork is fully compostable, fire-retardant, breathable, insulating, and non-allergenic. While it doesn’t have the widest use in the textile industry its unique properties make it ideal for footwear as well as an excellent alternative to leather for bags and specific garments. Fine sheets of cork are often lined with Tencel™ making it more robust for cutting and joining seams when sewing together.